Our Mission: 

To create stronger military families through education, empowerment, and support. 


Our Vision: 

The Military Spouse Advocacy Network is a robust network of advocates, mentors, and volunteers serving our military families and improving the morale and welfare of our communities through education  empowerment, support, community and collaboration.


Our Values:

Education: Guiding military spouses to resources and opportunities to help deepen their understanding of the new military lifestyle.

Empowerment: Providing military spouses with the knowledge, tools and support they need to advocate for themselves, their service member and their families.

Support: Facilitating mentorship and training to ensure no spouse is left behind.

Community: Building strong connections between military spouses across the world through a supportive mentorship program, providing a sense of family and connectedness from day one.

Collaboration: Connecting military spouses with resources to educate and empower their communities.

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