Our Branch Mentor & Advocates

MSAN Mentors and Branch Mentors and provide peer-to-peer mentorship, support, empowerment and education to all new military spouses; Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine, National Guard, Navy and Reserves.

New military spouses from all military branches have an assigned MSAN Mentor by their side from the moment they become new military spouses through their first Permanent Change of Station (PCS) journey until their arrival to their new installation. Our Mentors link spouses to Family Readiness Centers, Key Spouses, Ombudsmen, Family Readiness Groups (FRGs), MSAN installation mentors, and other supportive agencies at their new military installation. Our mentors have the support and leadership of amazing and experienced military spouses that serve as Branch Mentors.

MSAN’s bloggers & Advocates are dedicated to inform and improve the lives of military families through education.  They share their experience, skills and knowledge on their weekly blogs, discussion questions, live Facebook events and webinars. Advocates are trained to guide, assist, support, and find solutions to your needs!




Sarah Lewis

Finance Advocate

Jennifer Deschane (1).jpg

Jennifer Deschane

New Military Spouse Advocate


Jaime Chapman

Career & Employment Advocate

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Heather Maxey

Mental Health & Wellness Advocate


Branch Mentors

Rebekah Thomashunis.jpg

Rebekah Thomashunis

Air Force Branch Mentor

Whitney Poe.jpg

Whitney Poe

Army Branch Mentor

Caitlin Nichols.jpg

Caitlin Nichols

Coast Guard Branch Mentor


Alyson Phillips

Marine Branch Mentor


Angela Lee

National Guard Branch Mentor

Jenna Levin (1).jpg

Jenna Levin

Navy Branch Mentor

Julie Cooley headshot.jpeg

Julie Cooley

Reserves Mentor