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WELCOME to our Military Family; a journey that will change your lifestyle in many ways. Being a Military spouse is one of the hardest jobs in the military. MSAN is here to help you overcome those challenges with guidance, support, and mentorship. If you have any questions or need information on our program, please email us at:

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The challenges rooted in developing strong military spouses lies largely in the ability to link them to the information and support they need as new spouses to a military lifestyle. Even as benefits and resources exist to accomplish spouse support, an apparent and realistic lack of experience sometimes stifles spouses trying to learn and begs the need for a system of mentors to be the bridge between the person and the information. The New Military Spouse Support Program serves as a supplementary function to mentor spouses as they embark on their new experience in the military.


The New Military Spouse Support Program was designed to mentor and provide support to new military spouses as well as improving the morale and welfare of our military community. Our volunteers strive to educate, empower, and support new military spouses from day one until the time they PCS to their new installation.


New military spouses from all military branches are invited to fill out our New Spouse Survey. Once the survey is completed, our team will review the information and pair the new spouse with a volunteer mentor from the same branch of the military. The team also analyzes the location of the new spouse, benefit/resource knowledge, and specific topics he/she wants to know more about. The new spouse should be hearing from their mentor via email soon after completing the survey. At that time, the new spouse is provided with one-on-one mentor during this stage of his/her journey. New spouses may ask questions via email, speak with their mentor over conference call, and/or participate in the MSAN New Spouse Support Forum Facebook page where they have access to all mentors. The mentor will link the new spouse to the resources at their gaining installation including MSAN Advocates, Readiness Centers, and other supportive agencies.


The New Military Spouse Support Program will provide you with a new spouse toolkit as well as help you understand spouse 101 manuals, military ranks, structure, acronyms, protocol, TRICARE, housing, commissary, AAFES, Branch Exchanges, installations around the world, articles, and so much more. We are here to provide you peer-to-peer mentorship and educate you on the resources available to you and your family. We also host webinars once a month, blogs, live videos on social media channels, monthly newsletters, video series on YouTube with helpful tips and information and much more. To request a mentor, fill out the New Spouse Survey.


Our mentors are 100% volunteer men and women who are leaders in the military spouse community. Mentors must complete an application process that includes an official volunteer application, a resume, and an interview. All mentors are required to be military spouses of at least five years and possess strong leadership characteristics. We also look for spouses who are involved in their communities and have a heart for volunteer service. Upon his/her selection to join the MSAN NMSSP Mentor Team, the mentor must complete a series of trainings and attend monthly virtual meetings. Our NMSSP Team provides constant support to our mentors who are the guiding force behind the program. We are so grateful for the team of volunteers that are dedicated to the success of this program and supporting our military families. To become a mentor, fill out of the form on the “Contact Us” page and our team will be in touch soon.

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With new spouses working with a community of mentors, spouses feel like they have the support they need to overcome the hardships of military life. Strong and empowered spouses are more comfortable getting involved and becoming part of their communities, no matter where they may be assigned. Having a network of spouses available to help navigate the first PCS, the first deployment, the first move with kids, ensures that military families feel the support they need to successfully support their service member.