Transitioning into Fall


Fall can bring lots of new experiences, like settling in to a new home after a summer PCS or starting a new school year. While change can be exciting (and we’re certainly no strangers to it in this military life!) it can also be stressful.  Fall is a perfect time to reassess your own mental and physical health, and to find new ways to ensure you’re feeling your best. 

  • One way to feel a little more settled during this time of transition is taking time to do something familiar. 

  • Whether it is preparing a favorite meal, watching a favorite show or movie, or taking a fitness class you love, doing something that is within your comfort zone can help you feel more at home while you adjust to something new.

Finding Fall Activities

While sticking with familiar routines is important, trying new things can also provide a boost to your health. 

Staying Healthy in All Seasons 

Fall can be full of change, making it all the more important to ensure that you are taking care of your health and wellness. With these resources, you can ensure that you stay healthy as the seasons change.

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