Make the Most of Your Summer

make the most of your summer

You know the feeling, as the school year comes to a close and the kids are getting more excited for the approaching summer, and you have such BIG plans ahead?!  Or do you? I mean that’s what you’re supposed to feel right? What about those moments of extreme panic about having the kids home all day, or finding childcare for them while you still have to work…should you schedule educational activities for the kids, social events, or summer camps?…Or do you spend your savings to go on a family trip and give your children an opportunity to experience something different?  The answer is YES, to all of the above.  

There is no right or wrong way to go into the summer season.  Do what is best for you, your family, and your circumstances…not what you might “think” you have to do.  There are so many options to make the most of your summer:

  • Look up your local county/city/state run museums and facilities.  Much of the time these places will offer FREE days to enjoy with the kids.

  • Take advantage of the nice weather to explore a park, hike a trail, pack a lunch and read a book under that giant tree or by the river.

  • Have to work?  Many people do so don’t feel bad about it!  Lots of kids want down time anyways – make the time you have on the weekends count…any festivals going on near you?

  • Means to travel?  No matter if seeing the world involves getting on a jet plane and going to some other country, or jumping in the car with a full tank of gas and stopping at any place that looks interesting, open your eyes to the world around you and enjoy it.

Most of all, be present!  When the kids grow up and look back on their childhood they won’t remember the cool game they played on their device, they will remember the feeling they had of experiencing something with you.  Make memories with your loved ones, it’s the quality of life my friends that makes it worth living.  

My name is Rebekah and I’m going through it too! I’m an MSAN Air Force Mentor and am happy to extend the time if you need to/want to chat:  

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