3 Ways to Embrace March Moving Madness


March Madness: most people attribute this phase to college basketball. As a military spouse, the month of March has come to take on a different meaning: transition. March through roughly August are typically huge transition months for military families. It is the most common time for orders to be drawn up, and families to be relocated around the globe. This begs the question, “How do you handle change?”.

Within my own military spouse community, I have been approached with a common theme of concern recently, “Am I building a life for myself, or am I being managed by my spouse's career?”. My answer: Your perception of your own situation becomes your reality.

At one time, I looked at each PCS move as a loss. I was losing my job, my home, and knowing my way around a city without relying so much on a GPS. With some focus on my perception of the situation, here are the 3 ways I learned to embrace the changes:

Do your research ahead of time 

Moving to a new area can cause a lot of anxiety, but it also provides opportunities for exploration. Here are some helpful exploration tips:

  • Start small by doing research on your installation. Start by downloading the app “Base Directory.” This app provides information for store hours, building numbers, and other information for most installations.

  • What is your favorite activity to do as a family? Find the equivalent and make it a goal to do that activity within so many days of moving to the new location. This can help reduce the anxiety of a move by providing a sense of familiarity.

Identify positive change opportunities

Have you been looking to make a change? Maybe you’re looking to find a new gym, start a new career, or gain experience in your field? This is your time!

  • Job seeking? Check out Military Spouse Corporate Career Network. This non-profit agency focuses on assisting military family members in developing a pathway to a career of their choice. They maintain job posting boards, trainings, and more!

  • Find those tourist pamphlets. Having something to look forward to in a new area makes it feel more like a vacation and an opportunity for growth.

Lean on your community

  • Here at MSAN, we strive to help the military spouse community in any way we can. Check out our New Military Spouse Mentoring and Resource Center here, and find information on our new Military Spouse Support Program, Traineeship Program, Forum, and more!

  • Check out the page for your local installation. Many installations offer an array of volunteer and group social activities to build community.

Best wishes on your next transition!