Pursuing Your Passion and Filling Your Cup


How many of you continuously start projects without finishing them? Sure, life gets in the way, but our passions are something we should pursue nevertheless. As a military spouse, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. It is easy to lose sight of ourselves and our passions. We are unique in many ways. Many of us have held jobs in everything from the CEO of a company to providing child care. Our many experiences help us to develop amazing skill sets that allow us to continue pursuing our dreams even with military life throwing us curve balls. It is important to remain true to who we are, and it is important to find things we are passionate about.

Pursue your passion because it’s worth it...

Our passions might take many years to fulfill. They might require us to pursue a new education path. They might require us to devout hours daily to fulfill. Regardless of what they take, they are worth pursuing because you are worth the euphoric feeling that accompanies the success.

Each of us has something that drives us to do everything we do. We all have a cup to fill, and we all have the power to fill said cup. We lose sight of our dreams and passions to follow our spouse around the world. We become mom or dad and identify as such, but our need to fill ourselves still remains, no matter where or who we become. Without filling ourselves, we lose ourselves.

Harnessing our skills allows us to better ourselves, fulfill ourselves, and leave our mark on the work we do. With each day, our passions, the things we love the most, and our skills work together to create the amazing people we are. We are important, and our dreams are important. It is possible to still support our spouses while following our dreams and passions, and IT IS possible to balance everything we do each and every day.

What does it mean to focus on what you love?

Focusing on the things we love includes focusing on our families, our dreams, our passions, and our ever-changing lives. Maybe you are not in a season of life to pursue the things you love the most. If you are in that season, however, you are in the perfect place to develop the skills you need for the next season. Build those skills! These times might seem challenging now, but years down the road, they will allow you to continue to be the best versions of you.

What do you love?

  • Are you an aspiring musician?

  • Are you aspiring to one day write a novel?

  • Are you hoping to open your own business?

  • Do you want to be a leader in your community?

The list of things we all see ourselves doing is endless. We can learn to focus our attention to what season of life we are in, and when the winds change with that season, we can take those experiences and apply them to the areas of life we choose to focus on. More than anything, we need to remember to fill our cups with things that allow us to be the best version of ourselves.

Carlie James Petrovics is a freelance writer originally from Georgetown, Delaware. (1).png