5 Solutions for Daily Mental Health & Wellness

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Imagine you have just moved to a new area, your spouse is out on a field operation, and you have not made any connections How are you coping with daily struggles of finding the post office, pass and ID office, gas station or grocery store? How are you managing your stress? High-stress situations can leave your thoughts in the consistency of scrambled eggs. We have all been there! Here are 5 focus points to assist you in managing your daily mental health.

Recognize Your Boundaries

When do you draw the line between manageable and destructive stress? Saying enough is enough can be difficult, but drawing those lines is an important tool in managing your own health and wellbeing. Here are some tips for focusing on your boundaries:

  • Tune into your feelings. If something does not feel right, speak up. You are the enforcer of your boundaries.

  • There is nothing wrong with admitting you have too much on your plate! Do not feel guilty for scaling back your schedule to allow more time for yourself or things you enjoy.

  • Take a break. Step back for 30 seconds of deep breathing.  

Care for Yourself Daily

Developing and maintaining a routine can be the best medicine. Try to stick to your normal schedule as much as possible during times of heightened stress.

  • Maintain your regular sleep schedule (getting 7-8 hours will be the most beneficial to your physical and mental health).

  • Take care of your body! Continue eating regularly and getting some kind of physical exercise. Your bodily health directly impacts your mental health.

  • Maintain open connections with family and friends. These relationships provide a stress outlet.

Partake in Acts of Self-Kindness

When is the last time you drove around singing at the top of your lungs to a Lady Gaga song? What activity do you find to be refocusing and relaxing? Being kind to yourself can be the best mental health medicine.

  • Forgive yourself. You are allowed to make mistakes.

  • On the daily, you accomplish so many things- celebrate it! Big or small victories are worth a congratulations.

  • Do something for yourself.

Build your Military Community

We are all in this together! Volunteering is the best way to network and build connections with other military spouses who understand. Check out the opportunities available on your installation:

  • Ask the unit leader (FRO, DRC, etc.) for volunteer opportunities with the unit.

  • The USO has the main mission of keeping service members and their families connected. They have a variety of volunteer opportunities available throughout the country! (https://www.uso.org/take-action/volunteer)

Reach Out for Help

Understanding your boundaries helps to identify those times when you need help. As a military spouse, there are many resources available to you!

  • When it comes to mental health, the best resource is Military One Source (https://www.militaryonesource.mil). As an agency, they assist with a variety of resources including in-network therapists, PCS information, education assistance, and much more!

  • Use those members of your community you have built a relationship with as a sounding board for your struggles. Here at MSAN, we strive to help the military spouse community in any way we can. Check out our New Military Spouse Mentoring and Resource Center here, and find information about our New Military Spouse Support Program, Traineeship Program, Forum, and more! No matter what MSAN is here to support you!