Change: The Shifting Breeze in Our Lives

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Change is an ambiguous concept. Changes can be minor, occurring day to day, or life-altering major changes like leaving for college, marriage, careers, relocation, children and so forth.  Although, at times change can seem tedious, tiresome, or bring disappointment; it can also bring joy, excitement and unexpected or unforeseen opportunities/ experiences.

Why is it so easy to be selective with change, embrace it open heartedly when favorable, or have reluctance, resistance, or feelings of insecurity?

There is no perfect scenario or magic potion that can be utilized regarding how one responds or adjusts to change.  All that can really be done is modifying viewpoints and the overall mindset toward the situation. Don’t discredit feelings of despair/doubt, however, pair it with three little words…”But what if?” Having that thought should shine light on any change and reveal the wonder/possibility towards the unknown.  

Military families are surrounded by, cope and continue on, in situations of changes beyond their control on the daily.

In the case for some, change is not so easily accepted and can bring an abundance of emotions, physical symptoms short and long term, as well as varied stressors. To successfully cope it is important to keep several things in mind:  

  • Try and gather as much information as possible prior or as the change is occurring.

  • Stay as open minded as possible; often easier said than done.

  • Utilize personal strengths or areas you can control during times of change.

  • Lean on and discuss change with your support systems.

  • Promote self-care.

Reflection is a wonderful tool to apply, whether it is little changes or several major changes, because it puts certain aspects into perspective during the time which may have been overseen or not realized. Reflection humbles us, surfaces tiny reminders not to take anything for granted. So embrace it all, because time is short and can pass by in a blink of an eye.

Changes influence personal growth, and with success or getting through you are left stronger, more confident, and better prepared for what unfolds next.

Change can involve or span across multiple areas of an individual’s life: physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. The impact encountered depends on the overall situation and direct involvement. When looking at the scope of career and professional development, change can be a common thread potentially leading to better opportunities, promotions, personal recognition, knowledge/skill development, and overall experience.

On the other hand, change could signify loss of employment, moving to new areas and beginning again, or new organization infrastructures, rules/regulations and increased demands. Whichever the case may be, keep in mind the journey not the destination.  Without change progression ceases or becomes stagnant leaving self enhancement a limited process. One’s focus should be the overall balance, a forward momentum, and how change is a driving force in that equation.

Over time these changes become the bread crumbs in life shifting your trajectory, altering or readjusting your next steps. The best we can hope for is having a master plan while still fine tuning the details in all areas of our lives. Keep in mind your own curiosity, motivation, and drive. Link that to life’s joys, all of which encompass unprecedented moments, the good, the bad, and all of those in between.

Carlie James Petrovics is a freelance writer originally from Georgetown, Delaware. (2).png