The Measure of Connectedness

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Social interactions, relationships, and long-lasting friendships are the fabric of our intricate existence. A family is the first support we have, teaching and modeling: right from wrong, morals, values, and standards. Next, when learning at the school age level, there is a focus on: sharing, following rules, comprehending directions, and formal vs. informal interactions. With age and life’s chapters, relationships begin to shift, deepen, and take on more than self- discovery. Love typically becomes a factor and a life partner is sought.

As a new chapter of life begins as a married/family unit, previous friends may lessen and new friends with similar walks of life may emerge.

Connection as a military spouse

With a military lifestyle, friends become fewer and far between as relocation is a constant. Even in having to uproot and start the settling process time and time again, take comfort in the simple fact that you are not alone and that you never know who could enter your life.

Although, starting over is not a simple task, keep in mind attentiveness: being present/aware of the evolving process, lending a hand if called upon, and good karma should follow. Nowadays social networks can ease transitions because those contacts can still remain in your life, but from a distance. Social networks offer opportunity for video chat or instant messenger, with one single click where you can readily find support and connectedness.

Another tough pill to swallow is knowing when to invest yourself or maintain a relationship, and when to let go and move on.

Individuals will come and go out of your life, but those that are truly meant to stay are those who want to, which is a two-way practice. It can impact someone immensely to dwell on what once was, and hinders their progression in moving forward and entering into new relationships. Those with similar walks of life can provide much more than advice or encouragement, they empathize, relate, and share life lessons especially in military communities. Ultimately, feeling connected provides a sense of refuge, uplifts spirits when feeling alone, and in times of need establishes positive social bonds that have an impact beyond measure.  

Connection in the workforce

Relationships are also essential in careers, volunteer opportunities, and overall self-promotion roles.

Networking and building a career profile requires positive work interactions, notable impressions, letters of recommendation, previous employer background calls, and previous experience. These interactions are often more formal and professional for some, while in other cases like volunteering may be informal.

In instances of searching for new employment here are some key principles to keep in mind:

1. Up sale yourself

2. Utilize any possible connections such as previous acquaintances, friends or family that are familiar or who have lived in the area, local temp agencies, and on-base family advocacy programs.

3. Other outlets can include informal exchanges such as monthly spouse meetings, small talk with other parents, standing in line at Starbucks, job boards within the community, hearsay, etc.  

Navigate all available possibilities because unwavering self-determination and persistence can spark opportunity.   

Carlie James Petrovics is a freelance writer originally from Georgetown, Delaware. (2).png