There are boxes EVERYWHERE!!! You know the feeling, newly PCSd, figuring out how to fit everything you have in what you thought was a small kitchen, into an even smaller kitchen. Days one and two you are moving at a million miles per minute. You’ll have the entire house unpacked and perfect by Monday…then day three begins and you feel like you’ve opened up 100 boxes, so how can there still be soooooo many? So you stop and you wait, then you open a beer because this is going to be "life" right now.

Once I PCSd to Germany in the middle of finals. Why? I couldn’t tell you honestly.  I’m sure my professor would have worked with me if I had had the good sense to ask the question.  I’m not sure what I thought, but for some reason, I decided that I was accustomed to chaos so it would be easy.  It wasn’t. I was a full-time grad student working a full-time management position. I may or may not have ended up crying in a suitcase.

Did you know that some universities that cater to non-traditional students, or at least military populations, will work with you?  Even if they don’t, what’s the harm in asking? Worst case scenario your professor will say no. It never hurts to ask.

If you receive orders in a timely manner, you can even see about doubling up on assignments or turning in everything before you leave.  Have the discussion. We embrace a lot of chaos in our daily lives, so let’s find the breaks where we can.

Things you can do if you PCS while in school:

  1. Check out your school policies

  2. Talk to your professors. Turning in assignments early might be an option.  Some professors will let you turn in things late under extenuating circumstances.

  3. Withdraw for the term (review number one)

    -If you know you’re PCSing in enough time, maybe you can pick up an extra class the term before or after the move.
  4. During the summer some universities offer accelerated sessions that generally have fewer students.

  5. If you still reach a dead end, check out local (quite) places that offer free internet (on both ends).

    -The Education Center



          -Most hotels have free Wi-Fi and some even have a business center.

Happy Learning!!