Enjoy and Embrace Life as it Unfolds, While Holding on for the Ride.

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We have all at one time or another have seen or heard it, “Don’t mind the mess, we are making memories.” They are memories alright, but the circumstances as to why we can’t find the time or feel that it is too much to handle is impactful.

The moving parts involved with being a military family is bountiful and these get tested every few years. But what is occurring during that downtime? Those years of consistency or the known? Ironically enough, life is happening and it does not skip a beat despite any changes thrown in the mix. The military lifestyle is very unique and the dynamics, although constant, in some areas continually change in others such as: schools, spouse careers, healthcare systems & professionals, after school or summer activities, daycare/ babysitters, hairstylists, cable/phone providers, or any everyday services that must be sought with each new relocation.

So what is the secret? How do we, military spouses, continue to do it time and time again?

The real truth is there isn’t a special formula, or a secret solution. Military families utilize what they have to work with, through trials and tribulations and simply by progressing forward one step at a time. For some it may feel like a push or stumble forward, but that comes with the territory and hopefully with time can get easier. Whether daily life is calm or chaotic, it is important to own all aspects associated with moments, emotions, or struggles. These minute details happen on a singular or daily level, but the impact is vast. Some thrive in high paced chaotic environments while others get worn down quickly or struggle staying afloat.

What do times like these bring to focus for yourself and family?

Hopefully your mind takes you to support systems, friends, neighbors, military family targeted advice, tips, services or programs. Overall self-awareness and self-perception, and knowing personal triggers or when assistance should be sought is essential. Know available community resources and have others you can call and count on. Make it a priority to look past the chaos, examine the why or what can be done. Be a mentor or support system for other military spouses or acquaintances knowing what the military lifestyle entails. Factors such as these may take time, making adjustments or building upon one’s own coping skills, but always take that forward step despite it being out of your comfort zone.

Whether its calm or chaos, the road ahead can still appear blurred or unclear. That is why it is as important as ever to have your own personal focus, outlet and aspirations.  When it comes to careers and professional development, uncertainty can be a very unsettling feeling, however, take a stake in what is known and what you bring to the table. Your skills, aptitudes, certifications, degrees, or volunteer opportunities, take these everyday experiences and make them favorable, relatable, and heightened in any way possible. Have confidence in yourself and always keep in mind, there’s got to be something more but only you can unlock it.

Carlie James Petrovics is a freelance writer originally from Georgetown, Delaware. (2).png