Why you Need a New Military Spouse Mentor

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There is so much that changes when you become a military family. Regardless of if your spouse has been a duty member for years, or if you’ve been married for years and they have now decided to serve our country, you should expect changes. You will have questions on everything from housing, to your healthcare, to taking leave, to childcare, to your grocery shopping. Believe it or not, there is a military twist to all of these seemingly trivial and basic needs. You will have tons of questions on everything you could think of, and then there will be things you need to know, that you didn’t know you needed to know! So basically, being new to the military life can be a little intimidating that is why the Military Spouse Advocacy Network has created the  New Military Spouse Mentor program. In order to help guide you and transition you through this process.

I married my spouse in 2013. Our five year wedding anniversary will actually be at the end of this month! We were married for two years before he joined the Navy. Despite having experience as fully functioning adults who had navigated joint accounts, rental leases, medical insurance, etc… the military put us face to face with  a new set of challenges that civilian life does not prepare you for. This is the type of situation where a mentor would be incredibly useful!

The Military Spouse Advocacy Network has made it a priority to connect new milspouses with seniored milspouses to help them transition into military life with ease. You do not have to drive yourself crazy trying to figure it all out on your own! A mentor can help you understand things like: spouses 101 manuals, military ranks, structure, TRICARE, housing, commissary, AAFES, Navy Exchanges, Marine Exchanges, installations around the world, articles, and so much more.

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It is incredibly simple to connect with a mentor. Simply click here, fill in your information and be sure to select “spouse information” under what you are most interested in hearing about. Feel free to email me directly by clicking on my picture below with any questions you may have!


Carlie James Petrovics is a freelance writer originally from Georgetown, Delaware..png