Summer Bucket List for the MilSpouse


Summertime is a busy time for all families, and a great time for military families to explore their new stations, make new friends, and take advantage of the great weather! There are tons of things to do with and without children. Take a break from unpacking ALL those boxes from your recent permanent change of station (PCS) and explore!  Many businesses offer military discounts to make these excursions a little easier on your budget. Let’s explore some ideas to do this summer to make it wonderful for everyone!

  • Stop by your local MWR/ITT Office: If you want to take advantage of some offers for military families start by stopping by the Morale Welfare and Recreation(MWR), and Information Tickets and Travel (ITT) offices. There are always fantastic deals at local attractions for a discount, or maybe even free! Our MWR offers boat, kayak, and party rentals for a significantly lower rate than any other business. There are also tickets to Disney, Sea World, Six Flags, zoos, aquariums, city passes, and much more for up to 50% off at ITT! Each MWR/ITT is different and has different opportunities, so stop by yours to see what fun you can have this summer through.
  • Summer Camps: Summer camps for children are often available on base. Stop by your Child Development Center (CDC) or the MWR to learn more.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Plan a scavenger hunt with some friends! It can be walking or driving to find hidden gems on base, off base, in your neighborhood, town, or city. The options are endless! Check Groupon for scavenger hunts in your area as well if you don’t want to put the details together on your own.
  • Pool Day: Of course you need a beach/pool day! Don’t forget the sunblock!
  • BBQ: Have a BBQ, or attend someone else’s BBQ!
  • Baseball and fireworks: See fireworks! Did you miss seeing fireworks on Independence Day? Attend a baseball game! They tend to have fireworks on Friday or Saturday nights. Find out if your local team offers a firework show.
  • River fun: Is there a place nearby to go river tubing? Who doesn’t want to spend the day floating down a river with a group of friends/making new ones! Need a little more excitement? How about white water rafting?
  • Public Library: Stop by your Public Library! The library has tons of activities for children and adults!
  • Concerts: Summertime and concerts are basically synonymous! Check out your area for local, and big name stars that could be putting on a show.
  • Have a picnic: Pack some sandwiches, your favorite beverages, and some pie. Enjoy the warm weather and sunshine with your favorite service member and/or friends.
  • Movies: Check your local movie theater for any discount movie days they may offer!
  • Take a hike: Maybe your hike is wandering around a big city, a charming downtown, or an off-the-beaten path trail.
  • Volunteer: Volunteer at your local animal shelter, library, or on base. Whatever cause speaks to you the most, giving back some of your time is good for you and your community.
  • Put on your chef hat: Sometimes it’s just too hot to be outside. In that case, stay inside and try whipping up a new recipe. Maybe a yummy fruit salad, light strawberry shortcake if you have a sweet tooth, or savory roasted vegetable medley. Make your new recipe extra special by getting your ingredients from your local farmer’s market!

Summertime isn’t everyone’s favorite season, but maybe after checking out some of these activities off your summer bucket list, your summer will be just a little bit sweeter! Happy adventures my fellow milspouses!