Find More Money in Seven Days

I am not promising that everything on this list will work for you, but I think at least one of the items below will help you save or find at least $50 this week.


1. Gather all the spare change in your house.  The change in the drawers, in the laundry room, your car, the sock drawer - where ever you’ve got it stashed, gather it in one place.  You can have your kids count it, you can roll it up in paper rolls, or take it to the grocery store and use the  coin counter machines (my personal favorite!).  Our family  likes to gather it all up, and each of us guesses how much we think is there. It is always fun to see just how much the change adds up to.  It will probably end up being way more than you think.

2. Call your cell phone, cable, internet provider, and insurance company to see if you can get a better plan.  Check and see if their competitors have something better, and see if they will match it. Ask yourself if you really  need more internet data, faster speeds, or premium cable channels? Could you handle a higher deductible? Are you carrying too much coverage on that older car? Find out what your bank is  willing to offer.

3. Check your credit cards for any recurring charges.  Are you still using that account or Weight Watchers program?  Make sure that any memberships or recurring charges appearing on your statements are actually for items you are using.  Call and cancel those you don’t need or don’t want anymore.

4. Take your lunch to work (or have your spouse pack a lunch). I am so guilty of this. I absolutely need to get out of my office at lunchtime, it is vital to my mental health, but I am too far away to go home for lunch. I could definitely pack my lunch more often and sit outside, or walk to a park to eat. Just packing one lunch a week could save $20 - $50 a month!

5. Try pantry cooking.  Don’t buy any groceries this week, or only buy the bare necessities like milk and fresh produce.  Pretend you are PCSing and make up meals based on what is in the pantry, fridge, and freezer.

6. Have a yard sale or sell stuff you no longer want or use online.  I admit I will never do this, I am not patient enough, but my husband will. Go through your books, clothes, kids toys and clothes, furniture that doesn’t work, and give those gently used items a chance at a new life and add some green to  your pocket.

7. Swap babysitting with a friend. Cancel that sitter - instead of paying for a sitter, set up some time for a trade with another couple. You each get a date night, your kids get two play dates, and it’s free babysitting.  Win-win-win.

What ways can you think of to save or find $50 fast? What are you doing today to help get to the future of your dreams?