Courage & Inspiration: Synonymous with Milspouse

In the 13 months I have been a military spouse I have met so many diverse, inspirational, and courageous women. Every single one of them keeps me motivated and inspired to continue to work hard and make a difference every single day.

I met women who are in college, while also working jobs, to obtain a degree and have a career alongside their military significant other (SO). I have met women who choose to  live  apart from their SO for a number of different reasons such as: school, economic circumstances, and training. I also have met women who run their own businesses, while running a household, and raising their children. Then, I have met women who volunteer on/off  base, and even virtually. And I have met women who struggle with their mental health, physical health, family issues, money problems, moving to a different side of the country without a job, and not knowing anyone at their base of station. And I have seen them all persevere through it.

Along with meeting all of these amazing women, I have also become wiser to the stereotypes and stigmas that come along with being a spouse/fiancé/boyfriend in the military. Sometimes the perception is that the non-military significant other (SO) doesn’t work, is lazy, and is just a moocher along for the ride and benefits. There may be people out there that do fit this description, but I have yet to meet them. Sometimes, when faced with  so many unobtainable expectations,  and worse all negativity, it can get you a little down, a little defensive, and a little hurt. So I found a few inspirational and motivational quotes that will keep me, and hopefully you, aware that you are important, and you do make a difference regardless of negative perceptions.

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I am proud to be a military spouse and am not defined wholly because of my husband’s profession, but because of the unique set of challenges I face, endure, and persevere through every day. So I can chuckle at the cracks and jokes, because I know it does not apply to me, and it doesn’t apply to you either. We’re not along for the ride, we’re driving our own car.