Base Access Basics


It was just over a year ago that I was accessing a military installation for the first time. My husband was away for training, so not only was it my first time, but I was also was attempting to do it without my sponsor present. Even though the military labels me as a dependent, I typically pride myself on being an independent person. However, entering a military base was unchartered territory for me and I was a little nervous. My uneasiness proved to be unnecessary though, as it turned into a fairly uneventful affair.

Security Checkpoint

The first thing you need to do when entering any military installation is to make sure you have an unexpired picture identification. Ideally, this would be your military ID, but maybe you’re attempting to access your base for the first time to get a military ID, or you need to replace a lost ID. Learn all about the specifics in getting a military ID here. If you do have your military ID, then gaining admittance will be much easier. You will simply drive to the gate entrance, and upon direction from the guard, present your identification and answer any questions they may ask. This could also include a search of your vehicle. These safety measures tend to be quick and painless. In the event you do not have a military ID, then you will be directed to the visitor center to obtain a visitor pass. Once you have a pass you will be granted access and allowed travel to your destination. Obtaining your military ID should be a priority, and the sooner you have it the much simpler your life will be when traveling onto a military installation.

Benefits of having a Military ID

Now you may wonder why you ever need to get on base without your sponsor and believe me when I say, the need WILL come up. Perhaps you will need to access medical services. You can do this on base, and will need your military ID to do so. Perhaps you would like to take advantage of the Commissary (grocery store), or Exchange (shopping outlet). our military ID is required upon entry,  and your military ID is mandatory at checkout to make any purchases at both locations. Or maybe you’d like to work out at the gym, which you will also need to provide a military ID to do so.

There are many great services your family can benefit from as a dependent and do not let any uneasiness of the unknown keep you from taking advantage.