5 Strategies to Mind Your Mind


It is the start of a new day. You open your eyes, take in a breath, release it and then it happens. They come as they do every day. You wish this day could be different, but you don’t know how to keep them away. There is good news and bad news. The bad news is they will always come. The good news is you don’t have to let them in and they will go away. Who are these unwanted visitors and why are they so persistent?

Say “Hello” to your thought life. Your thought life has a world of its own a world that whirls and spins and conjures up fascinating endings to events in your life. It turns from the moment you open your eyes until the moment you drift off to sleep. Left to its own devices, your thought life can wreak havoc on your motivation and prevent you from reaching your greatest potential. An out of control thought life loves it when you go through your day on autopilot, because it can really be wild and free and take you places you do not want to go, while you are captured in its choke hold.

So, how do you free yourself from the tight grip of an out of control thought life? The following 5 strategies offers techniques you can start using today to reign your thoughts back into control and show them who is boss.

Strategies to Mind Your Mind

1. Practice Meditation


Meditation can help you control your thoughts by helping you to let them go and not get stuck in the all the emotions they can activate. During meditation, you do not hold on to or ponder over anything that comes into your mind. You simply let the thought pass in front of you.

2. Be Attentive to Your Life

How many of you get into your car to drive to point B, but end up at point A, a place you go every day and then realize you literally drove there without thinking where you were going? You are operating in autopilot. Turn it off. You are behind the wheel of and in charge of the only life you get and you don’t want to miss anything that is going on. Allowing your thoughts to control what you do creates an environment where you are constantly reacting to stimuli, going places you don’t want to go and missing important cues that could lead to connections, happiness, and success.

3. Say Your Affirmations and Mean It

We have all heard about affirmations. We may even think that some of them are laughable, but the truth is that they work when we believe them. If you say you are successful, beautiful, and wise, but you believe you are a failure, not so good-looking, and foolish, your belief will direct your actions. Take a chance on yourself, believe the good things you say and see how your thoughts start to change.

4. Set Daily Intentions

Nothing works unless we do. It would be nice if we could just affirmation ourselves into the life we want, but we can’t. We have to put in the work and this means showing up every day in our lives, with a goal in mind and setting out to crush that goal. This doesn’t mean being so fixed on a particular way to achieve something that we switch to autopilot when something comes up we were not expecting. It means being flexible and present so that you realize the cues and opportunities that life is giving every day.

5. Get Unplugged

Technology is truly a marvelous thing. With just the flick of the wrist and fingers it allows us to do things we never thought would be possible. However, becoming handcuffed to our electronic devices can result in our thoughts running wild and preventing us from being in control of our lives. Getting up in the morning to see who has liked or not liked our posts, who has friended or unfriended us and trolling for the latest gossip only provides more of the stuff we don’t need that will keep an overactive thought life in control our day and ultimately our lives. Set aside specific times to use technology and refrain from going straight for your smartphone first thing in the morning when you wake up, because it could be the most un-smartest thing you do all day!

Carlie James Petrovics is a freelance writer originally from Georgetown, Delaware..png