Advice for the New MilSpouse

In October I asked our milspouse community the one question we are all dying to know:

What is the one piece of advice you wish you could give yourself when you were a new milspouse?

We received so many wonderful contributions on the Facebook post, I had to share some of the great feedback in a blog post, just in case you missed it.

  • “Stop believing the hype that spouses' clubs are full of drama llamas and not worth your time. Allow the keyboard warriors to loathe alone. . . Your greatest resource will be making the conscious decision to make your situation better rather than remaining bitter.”
  • “Continue to develop your own self and identity; through work, education, volunteering, and friendships so that you flourish alongside your spouse.”
  • “1. You can do anything for an hour. So try new things, go to the coffee, a spouse social, or a town hall.
  • 2. Introduce yourself. Don’t just sit there quietly waiting for the person next to you to take the lead.
  • 3. Volunteer - Network - take the training classes. This is where you’ll find your friends, a sense of purpose, and a deeper understanding of this lifestyle.”
  • “Embrace it all - really all of it! Look at it like an adventure! There are some uphill paths and some downhill paths. On the way up dig in and push through- on the way down throw your hand in the air and enjoy the ride!”
  • “This too shall PCS… =)”

These are just some of the great tips that other milspouses so generously opened up with, and shared. If you want to read more, be sure to like our Facebook page here. Share your own advice in the comments below!