Traditions: The Seasonality of Life

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Each individual month throughout the year brings celebration and joy in a unique way. Between birthdays, federal holidays guaranteeing the day off for some, spring, summer, fall and the busiest time of year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrating can be a challenge. So individuals and families creating their own special traditions, memorable experiences, and moments each and every year is all the more important. These memories and traditions are often treasured the most when reflecting back. This personal reflection from how you were raised translates into your own interaction with your children, grandchildren, etc. These moments in our lives can be the most cherished especially if loved ones have passed, or live at a far distance.

Traditions can be created without a conscious effort or being passed down.

In any circumstance, you can create something you want to keep coming back to, as long as you associate it with positive, impactful situations and experiences. Creativity is a large component as well as the love and emotion shared between couples or family members. Traditions can be as trivial such as themed socks for every day of the week, secret handshakes, nightly family meals or bedtime stories. On the other hand, milestone traditions can be a special birthday breakfast or favorite desserts, new home dedications, holiday gatherings or activities, all centered around unity and gratefulness.

Dealing with constant change and the unexpected, traditions help balance military family life.

Often enough, holidays or special occasions can be missed due to deployments, TDYs, or military obligations of the service member. Every year is different and poses distinct challenges and obstacles. Although, the time and date may be missed traditions can still create significance on any given day or time as long as the memory is upheld. Traditions are not only housed in our memory, but tie into our emotions. Overall they provide a sense of identity, strengthen family bonds, teach values, connect generations, and offer comfort.

Traditions among friends and co-workers are meaningful.

These traditions can be as simple as a:

  1. Monthly phone call

  2. Dinner

  3. Vacation

  4. Any type of get-together held each year.

As stages in life change, so do finding significantly positive experiences with friends and co-workers.  Time spent with friends can be a great way to keep relationships together well into adulthood. These special times allow us to disconnect and focus on one of the most important things in life, personal connection. While home life and family is where the majority of time is spent, the remaining hours are typically in a work environment.

Here are a few professional traditions that you can practice in a work setting:

  1. Dress to impress during important meetings

  2. Emails of encouragement/congratulations

  3. Exchanging business cards

  4. Going to lunch with co-workers

  5. Team building exercises

  6. Company sponsored teams

  7. Celebrating birthdays

  8. Anniversaries or holidays

  9. Secret Santa

  10. Any other social interaction that enhances the work-life balance/ strengthens bonds.

Upholding traditions is multidimensional, you can create balance and life-long memories, as well as immeasurable cherished time spent with family and friends for years to come.  

Carlie James Petrovics is a freelance writer originally from Georgetown, Delaware. (2).png