Four Frugal Ways to Pamper Yourself on Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Sometimes it’s just us saying, “You got this!”, to ourselves. For so many of us there may be a multitude of reasons we are our only cheerleaders - our spouses are gone, we are at a new duty station, we have an infant, or we’ve run out of money before we’ve run out of month -  that it seems impossible to take even a second to be pampered, let alone a whole day to be appreciated.  Whatever the reason, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on a special day to recognize your sacrifice and contributions to our nation’s military readiness.  Here are four frugal ways to pamper yourself this Military Spouse Appreciation Day, or any other time you need it:

Take a bubble bath

Epsom salts are about $2 for a good-sized bag of lavender scented salt. Turn the water on, pour about a cup of the salt in the tub to soften the water, and scent your bath.  You don’t even need special bubble bath I have been known to use shampoo to get the bubbles going in my tub.  If your spouse is in the field or deployed, see if you can trade off with a friend for an evening of childcare, or wait until the little angels fall asleep.  Dim the lights, or turn them off and light a few of those Scentsy candles  you know you have, to give your bathroom a soft glow. Give yourself 20 to 30 minutes to relax.  Close your eyes and imagine you are in your own paradise.

Go shopping in your closet

Grab those magazines or pull up your Pinterest boards, and take a look at those outfits you like.  Odds are you have a lot of similar pieces in your wardrobe.  We all tend to wear the same things over and over again, and put the same items together in the same ways.  Take some inspiration from your boards and magazine pages and try “that shirt” with “those pants,” and see if “those shoes” work with something else.  Maybe you’ll find that, with just a couple of inexpensive accessories, you can recreate some of your favorite looks.


Have a PJ Day  

Just say no to obligations for one day. You may have to make it a weekend day, but have everyone stay home in their pajamas all day. You can keep a routine if necessary in your house, but do it in your jammies.  Make a blanket and pillow f
ort or a nest on your bed, read a book or watch movies, take a nap.  Just check out from the rest of the world and reconnect with yourself and your family.

Admit what you like and indulge

I finally admitted to myself this past holiday season that I really do like those Hallmark Christmas movies.  Not the overly dramatic ones but the happy ending all about the holiday spirit cute little shows.  I think I watched at least eight of them this past Christmas.  The point here was I finally quit denying that I liked them and just snuggled in and reveled in the cheesiness.  What’s your guilty pleasure? Celebrity news? Tearjerker movies?

It’s not selfish or unwise to take time or money to refresh, recharge, or rejuvenate yourself.  As military spouses we shoulder a great many stressors in our day-to-day lives.  Moving is one of the most difficult things many people will face in their lifetime, and we move on average every two to three years!  Add on top of that our loved ones in harm’s way, holding down the homefront away from extended family and everyday life, and I say it is not only wise, but necessary, to take time and money to give ourselves a break now and again.