Transitioning to your New Duty Base

It is that time of year again..PCS season is upon us. Moving and getting acclimated to a new base is one of the most difficult things to do as a military spouse. It is literally starting all over again with a fresh slate. While the thought of a new place can be daunting, there are also great ways to transition in your new community.

  • Community Involvement

Everywhere that you move there are opportunities to volunteer, get involved and make new friends. However, this can often be incredibly hard to find if you have no information about your duty station. Find resources at your fleet and family about the FRG or the Community Spouses Club. There is almost always a place open for volunteering in these organizations. Not only will you find people to connect with, but you will learn the ins and outs of the area more quickly by making connections with other spouses.

  • Exercise

We hear about the benefits of exercising every day.  There are major benefits in exercise classes. Start by joining a gym near your home, or going to the one that is provided on base.  They now have a lot of more specific groups like,  “Stroller Strong Moms” or “Hike it Baby” if you have kids and can’t make it to the gym without childcare. Just get out there and exercise and you will find a community within those classes and groups that has the same interest as you.

  • Meet your Neighbors

Yes, this means getting and putting yourself out there. Start by saying, “Hi!” and introducing yourself. Neighbors make a huge difference in your life. They provide a support system of not only friendships but trust and reliability. They will comfort you when you are having a bad day and they bring you over a cup of soup if you are sick or you watch their kids while they make an emergency run to the grocery store. Creating relationships with your neighbors is one of the most amazing things about being a military spouse. Everyone wants to lend a hand to the other because they know how it feels to be the new spouse on the block.

There are so many ways to transition at your new duty base. However, the most important is to have an open mind and heart. Create opportunities to venture out and start  your own community. Yes, it may be for a short period of time, but those are relationships that will last a lifetime in this military life.